Learn Technical Analysis with Examples & Integrated Stock Screener

About this Site We aim to provide comprehensive Technical Analysis of stocks starting from the most basic concept to advance concepts of technical analysis along with their trading strategy, real life examples and well supporting community. What make us different from others is that we do not limit it to theory but we have integrated this section with stock screener of multiple geographical location, so that our visitors get exposure to not only theoretical examples but to real world behavior of stocks when such patterns/indicators are observed, so that they are better geared for trading decision in futures.

On daily basis we generate lots of pre-screened reports based on standard indicators/patterns that help visitors to gain good insight of stock patterns based on its previous price movement to enable them to take some important trading/investment decision.

Stock Analysis Stock analysis is a technique to measure the pulse of the stock and determine the right price to enter and exit stock with handsome return. There are two major yet very contrasting approaches to do the same. They are Technical Analysis/ Fundamental Analysis. Since we are primarily into technical Analysis, majority of the tutorials and screeners are based on it. But to bring it to perspective, we have tried to provide introduction to both at Stock Analysis Introduction.

Technical Analysis Technical analysis is a study of historical price and volume of the stock to predict its future behavior.
Technical analysts study these price movements and identify formation of patterns that are formed repeatedly and the behavior of price after formation of patterns. If probability of price movement after this pattern, in certain direction, is very high then, analyst can bet on the buying or selling of the stock. There are three basic principle of technical analysis. Price Discounts Everything, Price Moves in Trends & History repeats itself.

Charts are most essential and powerful tool in Technical analysis and owing to advancement in computer science and easy online access to them via site like ours; it has become handy for lot of part timer traders/investors also.

As we speak, Technical Analysis is a very mature form of stock research and with that being the case, lots of research is being done and lots of different sub streams have evolved. Some uses technique like simple over bought/oversold oscillator, while some uses more advance technique to understand market cycle using Elliot waves. Some draw simple closing price line chart to find support & resistance, while some use momentum indicator to measure trend and its strength, while some prefer to draw relatively complex candlestick chart with multiple points like open, high, low and close.

With this much of choice, novice users often get overwhelmed and are not sure where to start and often run away or make incorrect trading decision when try to use too many of them with less experience.

One of the key to success is to select a few of them, they could be simple ones like Moving Average, or a chart pattern like double top, or simple oscillator like RSI, and read and observe their behavior using our stock screener and do some paper trading before start making consistent analysis.

As this is vast topic, we split it into multiple sections and they can be navigated from the menu but we suggest you to learn more about basic of technical analysis first.
We think it is necessary to make a mention that it takes lot of reading and experience to trade like a professional using these concepts. So please take caution in taking important trading decision.

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Posted by Guest
Posted on: 09-Mar-2019
Its very good site i am using it for scanner .I am a Technical Analyst i have also many paid software but this site gives many things in free of cost .
anyone want to read technical analysis please get in touch --pushkarsingh12@gmail.com---my blog Teach2trade.blogsppot.in

Posted by PRAKASH
Posted on: 08-Mar-2019
To decide parameters for selling a stock

Posted by msm
Posted on: 26-Jan-2019
as everyone said, exlent site with apt info.
can we have either total nifty 50 stocks/or/next fifty/or/ nifty 100/or/ F&O stocks to my watch list?
can i have rsi 2 period chart to the the stocks of my watch list stocks?


Posted by Guest
Posted on: 11-Jan-2019
How to search for F&0 Stocks

Posted by ashu
Posted on: 22-Dec-2018
let start learning basic of Technical Analysis and Charting

Posted by ashu
Posted on: 22-Dec-2018
i wanted to learn how to setup all the different charts on the screen saver and how to uses your setup in different aspect.

Posted by mssajwan
Posted on: 28-Oct-2018
How to edit Watchlist ?

Posted by 81SAUMYA
Posted on: 15-Oct-2018
technical analysis how dose it works

Posted by BHP
Posted on: 15-Oct-2018
Is it possible also to get data of TTM PE?

Posted by JMJ
Posted on: 04-Oct-2018
Please explain the importance of Open Close High and Low will be much appreciated.

Posted by arshit
Posted on: 03-Oct-2018
you can add pre result estimations section for upcoming quarterly results. it will help you to increase tremendous traffic on your site.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 28-Sep-2018
good site. valuable information.

Posted by SANDEEP
Posted on: 15-Sep-2018
Lets start learning basics of Technical Analysis and charting.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 08-Sep-2018
Will the technical analysis help us to predict the future price movement? If so what are the tools we should use to predict?

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 30-Jul-2018
good site

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 26-Jul-2018
in f & o stocks trading u giving for 4days . pls meantion date?

Posted by Dynamic
Posted on: 01-Jun-2018
Hi, Top Stock research team.

You provide one of the best analysis of both fundamental & technical analysis. Thanks a lot for the same. Request you to provide Stochastic RSI technical indicator.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 29-May-2018
Is it end of day we can refer to these patterns or it?s a live dats

Posted by sjvenkatesan
Posted on: 25-May-2018
Hello sir,
i am SJ Venkatesan , right now i am using your website for reference for my stock selections.. All of its really very good technical as well as fundamental.. but i am expecting some shart pattern are missing in your site..
1) U- Bend chart type ( Buy trend)
2) U pattern chart type ( Buy trend)
3) Elite wave thoery chart pattern type ( Buy and sell )

kindly please update these chart pattern type..its really useful for all your customer.

SJ Venkatesan

Posted by ad77777
Posted on: 22-May-2018
Great Site !

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 18-May-2018
Hi Ramakrishna, Thanks for the inspiring note.
Site Admin

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 18-May-2018
Hi Rajas, Thanks for the inspiring note, we have noted your requirement.
Site Admin

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 18-May-2018
Hi Mayank, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! It means a lot to our team to keep reinventing to serve better our users ! :)
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 15-May-2018
ear Sir,


My name is Mayank. I just want to thank you with this amazing website and the data you provide. Super awesome
I wish you all the very best and am going to be a regular on your website

a million thanks

Posted on: 11-May-2018
It is very very good website, to take decision in stock market.

Posted by Rajas
Posted on: 10-May-2018
Really a fantastic work..why not combine it with quarterly results to give it a realistic approach ... RG

Posted by ArunRaj
Posted on: 29-Apr-2018
Appreciate so much detailed work.. Really a wonderful site to learn about stock market

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 25-Apr-2018
i want learn techinical analysis, pls provide more informatin
CALL ME 8127299694

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 31-Mar-2018
Hi Maharaj, Thank you for the nice word of appreciation. It really boost our team spirit.
Site Admin

Posted by Maharaj
Posted on: 30-Mar-2018
No one can provide so much information everyday without demanding a single paisa. This is called real social work ! 👏👌👍

Posted by Parimal
Posted on: 06-Mar-2018
Sir, I request you to create an Alert when price of a stock comes close to the days highest Call/Put Open Interest. How close it should be? 95% to 100%. This will be of great help, please. Looking forward to your response.

Posted by Ashwin
Posted on: 18-Feb-2018
Hii Topstockreaserch team your team doing good job it's request from Your website viewer i want Week and monthly price Down by SMS's Can u upload that informations plzzz a

Posted by Ashwin
Posted on: 18-Feb-2018
Sir i want Trend up/down price by SMA for 5,10,20,30 SMA's
Can you plz....

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 09-Feb-2018
Dear Sir,


My name is Fareed Ahmed. I just want to thank you with this amazing website and the data you provide. Super awesome
I wish you all the very best and am going to be a regular on your website

a million thanks

Posted by Gagan
Posted on: 09-Feb-2018
its a very positive site with all the technical charts. There is only one issue with the price issue, its not shows the current market price just shows the last date price.

Posted by abb
Posted on: 25-Jan-2018
good site for stock research

Posted by amit
Posted on: 16-Jan-2018
fantastic website.. great work guys

Posted by s9987115830
Posted on: 14-Jan-2018
its the result of hard work n extraaa efforts

Posted by Laxminarayanan S
Posted on: 06-Jan-2018
Can you please share the 20 SMA & 50 SMA of all the Nifty Future stocks (211), I see them for Nifty 50 in your web site though.

Posted by dnimavat
Posted on: 21-Dec-2017
Admin, Can you please advise how we can use RSI and William %R as Buying and Selling tool. Please advise Key hints. Also advise the tool to find out stop loss in particular stock.

Posted by dnimavat
Posted on: 21-Dec-2017
excellent website for technical analysis.

Posted by rajesh
Posted on: 09-Dec-2017
It is excellent

Posted by Sudhir
Posted on: 05-Dec-2017

Posted by Jack
Posted on: 24-Nov-2017
It is interesting

Posted on: 24-Nov-2017
Wonderful website I like it most.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 17-Oct-2017
Hi, is beta calculated from S&P or local stock exchange market of each country?

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 30-Sep-2017
Where to see resistance and support chart

Posted by KSRCharts
Posted on: 25-Sep-2017
the explanations are very simple and understanding.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 25-Aug-2017
how reading chart patterns and candle sticks please explain.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 22-Aug-2017
Hi, Currently this version is totally free for our users, however if you are looking for a particular report/ analysis, do post your requirement we will try to incorporate it in TSR.
Site Admin

Posted by PK
Posted on: 20-Aug-2017
sir are you charging ? what are the fees structure

Posted by pramod
Posted on: 17-Jul-2017
i am using SUPER TREND indicator, some times shows false signals. how to avoid it

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 09-Jul-2017

Posted by sufyan
Posted on: 30-Jun-2017
how to apply stochastic indicator in my chart, what else indicators do I need to include for my analysis.how to identify false signals


Posted by sufyan
Posted on: 30-Jun-2017
I am interested to learn technical analysis, please guide me and let me the fees,



Posted by ADPEXIM
Posted on: 16-May-2017

Can you Guide me to set up the following

2-period RSI reading above 90


Posted by Barakathullah
Posted on: 29-Apr-2017
Please explain on 5 DEMA crossing 13 DEMA. Appreciated your service!

Posted by Mcristofaro
Posted on: 28-Apr-2017
Only just found this website and im impressed. The screener is better than most that ive seen but could do with some tweaking.

Posted by uttam
Posted on: 26-Apr-2017
how to work ema rsi macd

Posted by uttam
Posted on: 26-Apr-2017
thank you

Posted by uttam
Posted on: 26-Apr-2017
thank you for giving us this platform learning technical analysis .

Posted by sushil
Posted on: 14-Apr-2017
this tutorial seems to be very useful for a novice like me i felt it like my own story when i was reading it.i m curious for next episodes of this tutorial.pl tell me how to get them

Posted by sharewasi
Posted on: 08-Apr-2017
How to confirm price change is correction or reversal?

Posted by pradbpat
Posted on: 03-Apr-2017
How do I get information for constricted bollinger bands for a particular period ? eg.Is it possible from screener to know that Bollinger bands were constricted within 1% of Middle BB for a 3 day period say between 17Jan 17 to 20th Jan 17? Please let me know if it is possible.If yes , How to go about?

Posted by Asok
Posted on: 27-Dec-2016
why there is a difference between three months old price as per table and chart.

Posted by DISHANT
Posted on: 18-Nov-2016
One of the best sites to do analysis and learn about them at the same time.

Posted by mystrategy
Posted on: 08-Nov-2016
really best website with reliable screeners ,criterias and mainly at free of cost .
required real time screener on the basis of adx +di and -di crossing either side but on daily chart time frame ,
ready to take paid subscription ,please revert at the earliest.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 27-Oct-2016
Found the portal extremely useful, the way technical/fundamentals analysis of stocks are dealt.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Oct-2016
Pls provide MCX commodity , at least Gold ,Silver & Crude

Posted by Kamal
Posted on: 17-Sep-2016
It is a very good site which gives insight into various aspects of equity market movements. But we have to learn how we can use the various technical resources available on this site.

Posted by vijay
Posted on: 02-Aug-2016
excellent site i have seen many sites but such inclusive site is not there which allows user to all technical use by just clicking on it
i hope in future u make it LIVE MARKETS for intra day technical aid

Posted by Shripad
Posted on: 26-Jul-2016
I am a regular user of this website since over one year, although I registered only now. I found this extremely useful to learn and to trade in Indian stock market. I use this almost daily extensively.

Posted by Shripad
Posted on: 26-Jul-2016
I am a regular user of this website since over one year, although I registered only now. I found this extremely useful to learn and to trade in Indian stock market. I use this almost daily extensively.

Posted by coimbe1
Posted on: 17-Jul-2016
Please include Heikinashi analysis under candle stick analysis

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 10-Jul-2016
plerse scan the stock of doji pattern wiht long tail and open ,close are sameSENT MAILmasurkar14979@gmail.com

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 05-Jul-2016
Please use ICHIMOKU as a technical indicator.

Posted by onkarjabade
Posted on: 06-Jun-2016
yes i want to learn

Posted by venkatshreenivas
Posted on: 30-May-2016
why dont u add candle stick hammer and hangingman patterns as they perform well

Posted by sundaram
Posted on: 07-Apr-2016
very useful information and the same organised in an user friendly way.

Posted by dileep
Posted on: 13-Mar-2016
Want to see the technical analysis

Posted by hitesh
Posted on: 20-Jan-2016
Screening of stocks with breaking out of Monthly Bollinger Band Squeeze..means it can buy? sell?
 hitesh Vasani

Posted by ALL SCREEN
Posted on: 09-Dec-2015
i want to subscribe please revert back

Posted by VEDANT
Posted on: 25-Oct-2015
An Intraday live chart will be very handy.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 20-Oct-2015
While explaining the day trading tutorial, in the risks a major thing is not mentioned. Though the profit and loss are booked on the same day, actually whether a trader is through with the transaction will be decided only after the settlement (i.e. T+2) only. If in any case the bought shares are not delivered to you, you will be penalized for the undelivered shares as you have received them short, but need to deliver as you have squared off. Same will happen in case of Short Sell. The penalty is very high. I hope this is correct and should be kept in mind while day trading.

Posted by santoshb
Posted on: 18-Oct-2015
Really ,very good site to give right way of your investment & trading in short , medium & long term basis

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 13-Oct-2015
All the screener you are looking for is in the site. Navigate to Indian Site using flag . You will find all indicators
Site Admin

Posted by Jaywant
Posted on: 12-Oct-2015
Please inform me where can I get ATR, Beta, % change and ADV in screener for Indian Scrips.

For calculating Beta for >1, for monthly trading, what should be the period. Also for Weekly / Daily Trading.

Posted by prasad
Posted on: 24-Sep-2015
Great site.Very incisive and easy to use.
Is there any paid subscriptions also??

Posted by Akhilesh
Posted on: 17-Sep-2015
I want to buy your screen scanner live software with all supporting signal..please Share your mail id

Posted by monmoneyra86
Posted on: 13-Sep-2015
No.1 Site top class site long search for a satisfying best tecnical analysis

Posted by rsbodh
Posted on: 10-Sep-2015
After a long search for a satisfying information my search came to pause for Top Stock research, it has all features for all small traders especially when it is for free, no site give such analyses for free.....best of all. If possible real time charts for intraday may also be included...
Thanks a lot..

Posted by rajat7013
Posted on: 30-Aug-2015
Which stock analysis software is best for stock trading please guide me.There are so many software's available it is difficult to select proper one.

Posted by sambit
Posted on: 18-Aug-2015
best site .. awesome guys

Posted by Sunshine
Posted on: 29-Jul-2015
Dear Admin,

I used to visit this site for candlestick patterns and trend analysis and took a break for some reasons. Now when i see this site with all these new features it feels really amazing... Am sure with the dedication of improving the quality this site produces, it will by far be the best in the near future. All the best.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 28-Jul-2015
excellent site . . .
Thank you . . .

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 27-Jul-2015
ever best site so thanks very much mintnovate and all directors from amit99

Posted on: 17-Jul-2015
really fantastic website thanks for all. we are found some times in best screener software or website. now found. very thanks. my first enter day 17/07/2015.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 13-Jul-2015
Thanks Ramesh for the compliments. We are working to make site better day by day so that it becomes your routine to visit us :)
Site Admin

Posted by RAMESH
Posted on: 13-Jul-2015
very good site thank you for efforts today is my fist day 13-07-2015

Posted by manwa15
Posted on: 05-Jul-2015
hi i want to learn the signals. please advice if there is any course

Posted by ramesh82a
Posted on: 21-Jun-2015
Hi i want to know W D GANN list of trading technique methods. Can you help me out to get list as well as details of each 1 technique

Posted by ABHILASH
Posted on: 01-Jun-2015
sir please help me to get 2% profit in one day daily. which chart i should follow to get profit

Posted by muthappa
Posted on: 04-Apr-2015
Sir How can i find the stocks prices crossing EMA 50,100,200 on EOD.May i see any alerts in your site

Posted by Katiyar
Posted on: 22-Mar-2015
I am option player. Plz give me advise...
 Anil kumar

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 15-Mar-2015
sir I want to treading technical tuition plg sagest me

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 03-Mar-2015
Respected sir,

Narasimha here again, can you explain a simple way of futures and options with illustrated example plz.
and does this f&o helps in predicting the price of share in intraday?

Posted by atul
Posted on: 10-Feb-2015
hi i am intresting intraday but i am not suceses. my capital is very low. i need information about how select stock today?

Posted by Sani Pratap Singh
Posted on: 09-Feb-2015
Hello sir, i am sani
how can i select share for intraday trading

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Feb-2015
Thanks Narshima for taking taking time to mention :)
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Feb-2015
Respected sir,

Iam Narasimha a very beginner of this trading, your information is highly valuable. i just wanna say thanks to you for presenting such a valuable information.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 30-Jan-2015
Multiple questions and good ones. Though this is not relevant page to ask those question as this page is about knowing tech analysis . We do have QnA page where u can ask question and make a wish.

Here is what you are looking for. We are working on dynamic filter page its coming soon. In the mean time you could visit NIFTY 50 stock from home page. Site is updated at 5 - 5.30 PM.
Site Admin

Posted by Vikash
Posted on: 30-Jan-2015
Hi, This is a really great site with lot of information.
I usually trade in FnO of the Nifty 50 stocks and the indicies. Is there a way I can add / filter only the stocks (lets say 50 stocks of Nifty) and it will show what kind of pattern is getting formed? Will creating an account help me in this?
Also, what time does the site gets updated to include the EOD data after the market closes?

Thanks once again for a great initiative

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 12-Jan-2015
yeah another analogy is like to effectively driving a car, you have several tools like different gears, horns, clutch and break. In certain condition horn is most effective while near hospital they are bad tool, top gear is good on highway, while lower gear is effective in crowded city driving, break most effective at red light, while lights in dark.

Choosing your path and choosing tool goes hand in hand. Momentum share are like highway, volatile market is like city driving, and red light is like stop loss, and trend reversal is like reverse gear. hope this helps further
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 11-Jan-2015
great stuff ... I was really confused abou TA but now it seems like there are some indicators which are to be used in certain situations and not all of them .

Posted by karan
Posted on: 31-Dec-2014
Great initiative. Very helpful

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 31-Dec-2014
Wonderful initiative by you people. I stumbled upon the website yesterday and it's time that i make the most out of it :)

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 24-Nov-2014
thanks for helping novice like me. Easy to understand ...

Posted by rbyada
Posted on: 25-Aug-2014
great site but if portfolio page and recommendations against stocks in the portfolio will be very helpful

Posted by pattathils
Posted on: 10-Aug-2014
Great Site but i really wish it had a CHARTS page included with most of the Indicators, Candle stick patterns, and line draw fascility so that can have all in one. Also any script search out and give its full charts and whether all Tech Indicators recommends - to BUY it or Hold it or SELL it

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 30-Jul-2014
Iam new to topstockresearch, very good analysis but on clicking view in chart an error window shown "fault string. security error accessing url please write to us if you see this error at feedback@topstockresearch.com how can i rectify this error. regards

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 14-Jun-2014
Very Nice work; Beatiful illustration helping to understand theclear concepts

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 21-May-2014
Thanks Praveen for kind work of appreciation, it keeps us motivated.
Site Admin

Posted by Praveen Kumar
Posted on: 20-May-2014
I am using "Rising RSI" under "Over sold category" for approx one month. Generally giving good return.....Very good site for technical study.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 17-May-2014
Uday you can try
BSE Official site
NSE Official site
Yahoo Finance
To learn basic tech Analysis you can try Learn Stock Analysis

Site Admin

Posted by uday
Posted on: 16-May-2014
Can you give more sites related share market?
 uday pathak

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 29-Apr-2014
Short term buy means finding trends or finding trend reversals.
I personally use, RSI , MACD and Bullish engulfing for short term trading

Posted by idbi capital
Posted on: 14-Apr-2014
how can i select share for short time bye

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 27-Feb-2014
Dear Manju,
Thanks for submitting requirements and providing useful feedback. Would appreciate if you could add it in wish list and feedback section to give your views right attention.
Regarding holiday calender, we have updated it at

http://www.topstockresearch.com/HolidayList/IndianStockMarketHolidayListForYear2014.html and link is available from homepage.

On splits, its long pending issue, thanks for reminding, we will get it fixed ASAP.

On new stocks, we will analyses stock patterns and see if we could fit those in based on limited resources we have.
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 23-Feb-2014
kindly add new stocks also like just dial, pc jweler. and when stock split, it is not calculating on such split rate.. so please rectify this.. and update holidays of 2014

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 20-Feb-2014
Hi Maadhu,
The Data is updated ard 5:30 PM everday.

Posted by maadhu
Posted on: 20-Feb-2014
I am thrilled with the depth of knowledge provided on web sight.pl accept my deep appreciations.
Same question again.

Posted by RANJIT
Posted on: 19-Feb-2014
The Best,
The One,
I end my search.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 11-Feb-2014
Hi Bakul,
The Data is updated ard 5:30 PM everday.

Posted by BAKUL
Posted on: 10-Feb-2014
at what time all data is updated..? at 4 pm or 9 pm..?..what's time..?

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 03-Feb-2014
Best Technical Indicator is for me is MACD. cheers

Posted by Trendy
Posted on: 03-Feb-2014
Best Indicator is, in which you have good knowledge. Anyways I am using Candlestick.

Posted by tirtha
Posted on: 21-Jan-2014
Very intresting, if possible positions added more meaningful.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 10-Jan-2014
excellent site.......thanks for such valuable indformation. . . . help us to find a new way of looking market & trading oppertinuity,,,,

Posted by raghu
Posted on: 01-Jan-2014
how to identify support/resistance one month bases

Posted by sundar
Posted on: 21-Dec-2013
very useful and thanks

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 11-Dec-2013
very useful site. Gives exhaustive analysis. But when one goes through this analysis, it is become quite difficult to conclude as to "buy" or not. Each analysis should give conclusion in the end for the benefit of visitors. Also please give full form of "RIS", definition of each and every term under "tutorial section". Thanks, from D.P.S. Chowhan, New Delhi

Posted by ankit
Posted on: 11-Dec-2013

Posted by vyas
Posted on: 01-Dec-2013
going by fundamentals or technicals, which one is more profitable? thank you.
 jai ho...

Posted by sakthi
Posted on: 24-Nov-2013
Which is the best indicator for stock trading?

Posted by amit
Posted on: 08-Nov-2013
which factor was important of good investment to buy attractive level for shares ?

Posted by hari
Posted on: 04-Nov-2013
Which stock analysis software is best for stock trading please guide me.There are so many software's available it is difficult to select proper one.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 24-Oct-2013
Where i can find earning report release date of each company's. Regards, X

Posted by Trendy
Posted on: 15-Oct-2013
True and False in MACD Screener means: For eg if the Macd line is Above the Signal Line, and if it is so for 2 days it means true/2days. Lets say if the Macd line is below the Signal Line for 2 days then it is false/2days

Posted by Trendy
Posted on: 15-Oct-2013
Hi Sunil, there are number of technical indicators which are reliable, but I suggest you use the 1 in which u have expertise. BTW I am using Overbought/Oversold Indicator.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 14-Oct-2013
what it mean by true and false in macd screener

Posted by sunil
Posted on: 07-Oct-2013
Which stock analysis software is best for stock trading please guide me.There are so many software's available it is difficult to select proper one.

Posted by sunil
Posted on: 07-Oct-2013
Which is the best indicator for stock trading?

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