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Supertrend Explained with Strategy & Examples

The Supertrend Indicator was invented by Olivier Seban to indicate buy and sell signals. It shows the trend of the price in the market. It is a signal line that turns green or red depending on the trend. When the supertrend turns red, it signals to sell, and when it turns green, it signals to buy. Traders and analysts can use this technical indicator as per their needs and can apply it in any time frame such as 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, daily, weekly, etc.,

A buy signal is formed when the Supertrend crosses below a price and the colour changes to green. On the other hand, the sell signal is generated when the supertrend crosses above the price, and it turns red. The supertrend is based on two fundamental dynamic values, namely period and multiplier. It is common to use a multiplier of 10 and a value of 3, but it can be changed based on need.

How to Use Supertrend

Supertrend Indicator

Depending on the trend, the supertrend provides buying and selling signals. It also indicates the market's uptrend and downtrend. Even if it is a simple and understandable indicator, it does not always provide accurate signals. As a result, many analysts prefer other indicators with supertrend, such as Moving Averages (MA), RSI, Average True Range (ATR), etc.,

Some traders make the mistake of buying quickly when the supertrend signals to buy or turns green, but this may not be the case every time, so investors should wait for the next candlestick to form to see if it will go up or down.

If the market is sideways, it may generate false signals.

When the price falls below the supertrend, it signals to sell, and when the market rises above the supertrend, it signals to buy, but as previously stated, we must wait for the next candle to form after crossing the supertrend.

The best way to understand and use this technical indicator is to first understand some terms like trend and its various types, as well as ATR (Average True Range), which is also a technical indicator.

The Supertrend indicator is based on ATR (Average True Range). As a result, two parameters influence the super trend:

The ATR period and multiplier are set to 10 and 3 by default, as these values are commonly used and adequate for analysing while trading, but they can be changed as needed.

For a better understanding of Supertrend, we must know about the ATR and Trends in the market:

How to Calculate Supertrend

Upper Band Supertrend Upper Band Supertrend

Pros of Supertrend
Cons of Supertrend

Identifying Buy & Sell Signals by Supertrend

As we mentioned above, the supertrend helps to generate buy and sell signals. The supertrend represents both the downtrend and the uptrend. Understanding and identifying those signals is important for intraday traders. The crossing of the supertrend line signals a sell if it turns red, and a buy if it turns green. Check out the charts for a better understanding. With the Supertrend indicator, you can also track your stop loss and save your profits.

Supertrend Screeners
Price Cross Above Supertrend
Price Cross Below Supertrend

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