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About this Site
We aim to provide comprehensive Technical Analysis of stocks starting from the most basic concept to advance concepts of technical analysis along with their trading strategy, real life examples and well supporting community. What make us different from others is that we do not limit it to theory but we have integrated this section with stock screener of multiple geographical location, so that our visitors get exposure to not only theoretical examples but to real world behavior of stocks when such patterns/indicators are observed, so that they are better geared for trading decision in futures.

On daily basis we generate lots of pre-screened reports based on standard indicators/patterns that help visitors to gain good insight of stock patterns based on its previous price movement to enable them to take some important trading/investment decision.

Stock Analysis
Stock analysis is a technique to measure the pulse of the stock and determine the right price to enter and exit stock with handsome return. There are two major yet very contrasting approaches to do the same. They are Technical Analysis/ Fundamental Analysis. Since we are primarily into technical Analysis, majority of the tutorials and screeners are based on it. But to bring it to perspective, we have tried to provide introduction to both at Stock Analysis Introduction.

Technical Analysis
Technical analysis is a study of historical price and volume of the stock to predict its future behavior.
Technical analysts study these price movements and identify formation of patterns that are formed repeatedly and the behavior of price after formation of patterns. If probability of price movement after this pattern, in certain direction, is very high then, analyst can bet on the buying or selling of the stock. There are three basic principle of technical analysis. Price Discounts Everything, Price Moves in Trends & History repeats itself.

Charts are most essential and powerful tool in Technical analysis and owing to advancement in computer science and easy online access to them via site like ours; it has become handy for lot of part timer traders/investors also.

As we speak, Technical Analysis is a very mature form of stock research and with that being the case, lots of research is being done and lots of different sub streams have evolved. Some uses technique like simple over bought/oversold oscillator, while some uses more advance technique to understand market cycle using Elliot waves. Some draw simple closing price line chart to find support & resistance, while some use momentum indicator to measure trends and its strength, while some prefer to draw relatively complex candlestick chart with multiple points like open, high, low and close.
With this much of choice, novice users often get overwhelmed and are not sure where to start and often run away or make incorrect trading decision when try to use too many of them with less experience.

One of the key to success is to select a few of them, they could be simple ones like Moving Average, or a chart pattern like double top, or simple oscillator like RSI, and read and observe their behavior using our stock screener and do some paper trading before start making consistent analysis.

As this is vast topic, we split it into multiple sections and they can be navigated from the menu but we suggest you to learn more about basic of technical analysis first.
We think it is necessary to make a mention that it takes lot of reading and experience to trade like a professional using these concepts. So please take caution in taking important trading decision.

Wait for US Stock Analytics & Screeners is Over (Stock All In One) is now Live
We hope you will provide us with the same Love & Support as you did for TSR.
Wait for US Stock Analytics is Over (Stock All In One) is now Live
We hope you will provide us with the same Love & Support as you did for TSR.