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Tutorial on Abandoned Baby Bullish Candlestick Pattern


Abandoned Baby Bullish is a trend reversal candlestick pattern with high reliability. This pattern gives a clear picture of the price movements in the market. Also, help to analyse the trend of the market. When this pattern forms at a downtrend or possible support level, then there is a possibility that the price will go up. This pattern takes three candles to form.

How to identify the Abandoned Baby Bullish Candlestick Pattern?

First Candlestick: On candle 1, a large bearish candlestick is formed, representing the further continuation of a downtrend.

Second Candlestick: On candle 2, a Doji is formed which gaps down from the first candlestick.

Third Candlestick: On candle 3, a large bullish candlestick is formed which gaps up from the Doji formed on candle 2. It opens above the close of candle 2 Doji and closes at least near the center or midpoint of the first candlestick (Bullish candlestick).

Points to Consider before Trading with Abandoned Baby Bullish Candlestick Pattern
This pattern should be formed at the bottom of a downtrend.

The bigger bearish candlestick formed on the first candle shows that the market is strongly under the control of the bears. As the Doji with the gap down has formed on the second candle, it indicates that the market is still in a downward trend. The formation of a long bullish candlestick on the third candlestick confirms the pattern and shows that the bull is taking over the bear. If the third candlestick opens with a gap up and closes above or at least near the midpoint of the first candlestick, it indicates a strong trend reversal and a buy signal.

The abandoned baby bullish pattern occurs at low prices after a downtrend and indicates a future uptrend. This pattern shows that there is a possibility that the market will go into an uptrend. This pattern is rare to be formed. Though it is not easy to pick this pattern if done correctly one can easily catch the trend reversal/buying Signal, and it's highly rewarding.

Even though abandoned baby bullish is one of the reliable candlestick pattern it is important to reconfirm the pattern by integrating it with the other technical indicators. Therefore adding any one of the other indicators like Volume, Stochastic, RSI, Bollinger Band, etc. with candlestick patterns, can give more accurate results.

Trading with Abandoned Baby Bullish Candlestick Pattern
Traders should know that this is a bullish reversal candlestick pattern, so it should form at the bottom of the downtrend or at support level. When formation of this pattern matches this criteria and RSI (Relative Strength Index) is in an oversold zone or near oversold zone (that is 30), then this increases the reliability of the pattern or we can say strategy. Along with this, never ignore the volume for third confirmation. If volume of the third candle of abandoned baby bullish & next candle of the pattern is high then traders can consider this as third confirmation for more accurate results.

Abandoned Baby Bullish Strategy Example

Advantages & Disadvantages of Abandoned Baby Bullish Candlestick Pattern

Advantages of Abandoned Baby Bullish Pattern

Disadvantages of Abandoned Baby Bullish Pattern

How TSR Screeners Can Help to Scan Abandoned Baby Bullish?
1. Pre Screener
TSR will provide you with pre-created screeners in PreScreener, which you can simply select from. For example, Abandoned baby bullish on Daily tick.
Screen Abandoned Baby Bullish

2. Custom Screener
(A) In custom screener you can select multiple candlestick patterns along with Abandoned Baby Bullish Candlestick Pattern, such as Spinning Top, Dragonfly Doji, and many more.
Screen Multiple Candlestick In One Screener

(B) Create your own powerful, customised strategies with Custom Screener. For example, Abandoned baby bullish formed & RSI is trending up from oversold zone on a 5 min tick. ( You can choose from a variety of ticks in TopStockResearch, from a 5-minute tick to a monthly tick, and choose your stock basket depending on your needs.)
Builting Abandoned Baby Bullish Strategy

Abandoned Baby Bullish & RSI Strategy

3. Built customise Abandoned Baby Bullish using OHLC.
Built Abandoned Baby Bullish Using OHLC Screener

Simple Abandoned Baby Bullish Screeners are available in public view for free while more comprehensive screeners are available to premium customers.
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