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Tutorial on Bearish Kicker Candlestick Pattern.

What is Bearish Kicker Candlestick Pattern?
The Bearish Kicker Candlestick Chart pattern is one of the most powerful candlestick reversal pattern. Its reliability is very high when it is formed at the uptrend, or at a possible resistance or formed in an overbought area. This pattern consist of 2 candlestick or one can say it takes two days for this pattern to formed.

1: Day 1
Day one candlestick is the continuation of the uptrend therefore bullish in nature and it has no significance by its own formed in a uptrend.

bullish kickes candlestick pattern

2: Day 2
On Day two a bearish candlestick is formed, which opens at the same open of the previous day (or a gap down), and then heads in the opposite direction of the Day 1 candle.

For this pattern to be valid it is extremely important:

The open price of the Day 2 candlestick is same as the open price of Day 1 candlestick. However a gap do down further strengthen the pattern. There will be no wick or very small wick.

Bearish Kicker Candlestick Pattern is an indication of massive change in the sentiments of the market/ investors and is basically based on sudden surprise news.

The Strength of this pattern is maximized, if there is formation of gap down by day two candlestick. The formation of bigger bearish candle size then the day 1 candle, further confirms this pattern reliability.

As always mentioned, by combining chart patterns with other technical indicators wave out any false signal if generated. Therefore adding any one of the other indicators like Volume, Stochastic, RSI, MACD etc. with chart patterns, one can further enhance the probability of the pattern to happen.

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Bullish Kicker
Bearish Kicker

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Wait for US Stock Analytics is Over (Stock All In One) is now Live
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