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Example Showing How to Trade with Bollinger Band

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Example Used Here for Case Study is ITC Ltd.

The chart below is of ITC Ltd for a period from 7th April to 30th June.
The band are expanding with the High Volatility and Volume also above average shows Trend reversal. At point A the price gets Resistance from upper Bollinger Band.

It crosses the middle Bollinger Band and at point B it gets Support from lower Bollinger Band.

At point G also it gets support from lower Bollinger Band.

The price moves up with good volume and at point C the price gets the resistance of upper Bollinger Band.

At point D the price crosses the upper Bollinger Band with heavy volume, and expanding the Bollinger band giving a good buy signal.

The price after staying above the upper Bollinger band comes down after few sessions. At point E and F it further gets resistance. Point E and F can be profit booking points.

Example of trading with Bollinger Band : ITC Ltd

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